How to make conscious career choices without overwhelm and stress

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85% of the global workforce is disengaged at work.

That’s a lot, right?

If you are disengaged in your work and thinking about changing your career path, what’s your next step?

Are you at a crossroads looking for a new direction but don’t know where to start?

I can help you.

I work with people who are going through a career transition.

And more than that, I relate to what you’re going through.

I remember laying on my friend’s couch in the dark, feeling panicked. I was unable to sleep after quitting the “great” corporate job I loathed without a plan or many savings.

Although I was professionally successful, I was unfulfilled inside.

I knew I had the potential to make an impact, but I needed clarity.

That was the start of the rest of my life, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with it.

I needed help.

Unsure of my direction and debating a start-up or career change, it was hard to know what would help me on the journey.

My quest to know what I wanted to do with my life and to find my passion and purpose had started.

It took me seven long years and more than £20,000 in learning to know what I really wanted.

And here I am now, in a position to show you the way to career clarity.

I’m really excited by phrases like conscious career change, conscious career choices, and conscious decision making.

We make so many of our decisions from a place that’s not fully informed and realistic.

I want people to make career choices that are both well-informed and completely aligned to their being.

For example, I recently worked with a client called Lindsay, who took a six-week, one-to-one Career Clarity Programme with me.

Lindsay was working as a maritime officer and wanted to find a land-based role.

She wanted to be able to have all the things you have in life when you live on land.

Things like a home, a relationship, friendships— all of that.

And so we looked at everything Lindsay had done and desired, to find out what her transferable skills were.

What were her passions? Strengths? Skills? Interests? What did she enjoy?

Very quickly, Lindsay was able to map the skills she could and wanted to transfer.

She figured out the mission she wanted to develop for herself to have meaning in her career.

And with that, she found a huge affinity with environmental issues.

Lindsay’s skills related quite well to the construction industry, and she found employment very quickly, even without having qualifications in the sector.

At the same time, she was able to get that work part-time so she could fund qualifications for her long-term goals.

“In just a few weeks, I now have a clear understanding of what I want to do and most importantly why,” says Lindsay.

“I gained clarity and felt closer to my goals with each session,” she adds.

Does Lindsay’s situation resonate with you?

To find out more about my Career Clarity programme, contact me and start your journey to more meaningful work.

Holly — The Breakthrough Career Coach